Ska's Dead But I'm Not.

Blythe and I had a very nice 1-year anniversary date.

Though the redo was good, I have to say that the original had all the best possible lines.

"One Got Fat" RiffTrax
Narrator: Nellie is about to make a decision she'd never make if she weren't angry
Bill: To start a blog!
"Beginning Responsibility: Lunchroom Manners" RiffTrax
Narrator: Mr. Bungle didn't stop to wash his hands or comb his hair. He went right to lunch.
Bill: Still, he was the cleanest person in the Taco Bell.
Steve: Dr. Adams!
Dr. Adams: Oh, yes, Steve?
Mike: What's this "and the rest" crap!?

The RiffTrax Live show in Minneapolis is on the same day as my one-year anniversary with firaxa. Let it never be said that I don’t know how to show a lady a good time.

(Granted, she’s buying the tickets.)

I’m strongly considering using lawyer Professor Bobo saying “panties panties panties…” as my ringtone.

Apparently, the Uptown Theatre in Minneapolis is going to show MST3K: The Movie as a midnight movie next month. I think it’s pretty evident that I should go to that.

Servo’s “I’m bored alreadyyyy” at the beginning of Fire Maidens of Outer Space always cracks me up.

Looks like the next Rifftrax Live event will be filmed in Minneapolis. It’s about time they came back to Minnesota.