Ska's Dead But I'm Not.
I dunno, maybe YOU blow goats!
My girlfriend, to me, just now.
My theory is that a vast conspiracy of ugly men control everything, and the fact that I have no proof can only mean I’m far too handsome to be let in on it.
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Take a moment and picture what something called “karatecise workout” might look like. You were either wrong or completely insane. This is nothing like anything.
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It’s the end of an era…..I am packing up my vhs tapes to donate when I find this still in shrinkwrap never opened. never played

It turns out it was an Emmy screener for Hush.

I wonder if it’s worth anything.


Man, I must end up replaying Costume Quest like 2-3 times a year. They need to make a sequel or something.


Today I read a bunch of Alan Moore comics and like half of Redshirts while on my break at work. Time well spent.



hey where my baes at